About Us

We started Gold Remodeling Inc. as a way to ensure internet users could find the right contractors for their homes or businesses in a fast and secure way. At the same time, we also want to offer a platform for qualified, honest, hard-working professionals that are pre-qualified by our team and have an active license, are bonded and insured with workers comp, and who go through a high standard of qualification.

That way, Gold Remodeling Inc. works as the finest source for both home and business owners to find the right professionals for their specific job. This way, everybody wins: customers avoid scammers and amateurs contractors who are not qualified or certified for important work performed on your property. Finding the right, qualified contractor could save tens of thousands of dollars stemming from poor or incomplete work. Gold Remodeling Inc. prides itself on giving customers peace of mind that there will be no headaches involved when it comes to quality of work from our network of qualified contractors.

Gold Remodeling Inc. is built on the principles of moral values, honesty, and top-notch quality in the work that is delivered by our network of contractors. We are proud to have achieved it with a fast, intuitive website where you can find the right project in 13 specialized areas: kitchen, bathroom, insulation, plumbing, HVAC, pools, flooring, electrical, landscaping, room addition, roofing, painting and windows installation.

Residential and commercial clients are benefited equally for both large scale and small projects.

We make sure only the best, most reliable professionals will be matched for your specific job through our website. To do that, we track records of each contractor and check out their backgrounds, credentials,and reviews. Quality of past work is also closely considered. Our standard for matching you with your contractors will ensure that your project will remain within budget and delivered in a timely manner.

All contractors as must be California licensed. For further details about the requisites to be part of our network of contractors, visit our Contractors section.

Hundreds of happy clients back up our words by filling up our social media with plenty of reviews websites with positive feedback. Thus, Gold Remodeling Inc. has built a solid online reputation. You can read these reviews and judge by yourself by following this link.

Gold Remodeling Inc. covers the much of the major regions in Northern and Southern California, which include Seattle Washington, Fresno and San Francisco areas. We also serve parts of Florida in the Miami area.